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Most Canadians attached great significance to religion.

Religion provided a strong community of faith for members of a church, while also dividing people of different creeds — particularly Protestants and Catholics.

remained stable from the previous year making 20 the years with the lowest homicide rates since 1966 (Chart 1).

Further, the homicide rate was 18% lower in 2014 compared to the average for the previous decade (Chart 2).

The boned bodice, closed with eighteen buttons covered in figured silk, would have fit over her corset like a glove.

Silk tulle ruffles and bows decorate the neck and the sleeves.

In 1840, only 13 per cent of Canadians lived in urban areas.

Using data from the Homicide Survey, this also presents new data on the nature and extent of homicides involving Aboriginal victims and accused persons.

In towns and cities, recreational opportunities were more diverse, from literary and art associations to lacrosse and baseball leagues.

This exquisite ivory silk wedding dress was worn by Josephine Maud Spencer at her marriage to Alexander Mc Taggart in London, Ontario in 1884.

The two cities offered local and distant customers an extensive variety of imported goods, including the latest in fashions, fabrics and accessories.

The completion of a trans-Canadian railway system between 18 was a major stimulus to the creation of a national market for Canadian and foreign manufactured goods, as well as for agricultural produce.

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