Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa

It seems the CSA is destined to die as it lived: in the midst of controversy.

I would like to know where is the enforcement of Contact Orders?

Yet the hugely discreditable CSA will hunt down a man for every penny they, usually erroneously, think he should owe.

A hugely destructive course of conduct ruining businesses, livelihoods and relationships.

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As any family lawyer will confirm, there is no shortage in this world of fathers who cannot or will not do the right thing by their children, nor of single mothers in need.

The Latin expression sometimes used to define the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is: (the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who denies).

Lord Justice Ward said the ruling had been made with “considerable reluctance” and in the full knowledge that it could “emasculate” the CSA’s ability to extract money from recalcitrant fathers.

Some form of government intervention in the child maintenance process is unavoidable.

Ironically, this judgement comes just as the government begins to wind down the CSA and transfer its responsibilities to the new Child Maintenance Service.

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