Accomodating children

A lack of understanding can result in hurtful remarks or bullying.To deal with this, we have a plan for each stage of school, to make sure the atmosphere is supportive and that everyone feels included and understood.What advice can you give to teachers to make their classes inclusive? No two people are alike, but most of us have something in common.If we look for ways in which we can relate to each other, regardless of differences, our relationships become stronger. It's almost always okay to ask about the experience of a peer who has a disability.Next, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist come to the preschool classes to work with all the children in group therapy sessions.They also run individual sessions for SEN students in the class.The benefits include meaningful friendships, respect, better appreciation and understanding of individual differences, and being prepared for adult life in a diverse society. Students can create lasting friendships that help them navigate relationships later in their lives.

These children can cope academically with the curriculum requirements, but need extra support.How do you approach inclusion for the youngest children?We have an early intervention plan that includes all preschoolers (age three to five) and improves everyone's abilities.Then, there are internal states – motivation and curiosity. Our school does a training induction for teachers every year, with workshops run by special education specialists.The teachers learn different teaching styles, how to be aware of SEN students' needs, when to refer an issue to a school specialist, and what each specialist's role is.Teachers also learn about the different SEN students currently registered in the school, so they are better equipped to help them learn.By taking time to prepare the school team, we create a positive climate that benefits our SEN students, and the teachers feel more confident.The high-school students also attend special classes with SEN students all through the year, so they can get to know and appreciate each other.Some of the high-school classes include a few students who have specific learning difficulties.High-school students also take part in a weekly community service session.They might help the teachers who are teaching the SEN students, or visit special needs centres outside the school where they join students in activities, bringing gifts and library books.

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