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My intent is to purchase a brand new never used top of the line desk top, such as SONY VIOS later followed by a Sony Vios lap top.In order to lessen my expenses up front, which purchase would you recommend first.If all you need to monitor is email and texts then the cheaper basic option of either program will be more than enough. Reply Not much is said about what the spy software does to the target phone bill.I am assuming that because most of the info and more are duplicated by sending to the server the target phone bill will be doubled or more.For most users the data transfers are tiny and will not be noticed. I have tried 2 product on the market that have not worked for me: auto forward and cell tracker 2013. The software was completely useless and luckily I was refunded both times.I am looking for a software/spyware that doesn’t have to be installed to the target phone. I would be more than happy if could suggest one or two that I can use.M Spy can get around this by tracking the phone using cell mast positioning – it is not as accurate but provides a useful alternative if the GPS is turned off on the target phone. Any s/w that will secretly sms / e-mail these details directly to me rather than sending to vendor server?Reply There is no way around this – all the reporting is done through the software dashboard.

It can still work if you install the software and then insert the SIM and start using the phone.

Lap top or desk top also after first purchase, when I decide to make second purchase will I be able to rout information from desk top to lap top and vise versa and be able to monitor target phone from home and while on the road with lap top. Reply Thanks for getting in touch – I’ll try to answer your questions.

Laptop vs Desktop – nowadays really comes to personal preference, obviously if you need it on the road laptop or even pad/ tablet is the way to go.

In relation to the spy phone software – you can access the online dashboard with all the reports from any internet enabled device – desktop, laptop, phone ipad tablet etc.

You can access your dashboard from any of these – even a public use computer – all securely with your own personal login and password.

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