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For one, there’s the old adage about the team that gets the best player winning the deal, and that will be Karlsson.

But more importantly, it’s always been clear that the Senators are dealing from a position of weakness.

They don’t want to trade their captain, but they might have no choice.

And as the old saying goes, when the league knows you’re drowning, other teams start throwing anchors instead of lifejackets.

The trade: This gets a little complicated, since the Nordiques actually ended up trading Lindros twice.

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The setup: Oates had an interesting career, bouncing around the league over the course of nearly two decades and eventually playing for seven teams.

He won a Hart Trophy in his third season, and eventually made the Hall of Fame despite an injury-riddled career.

But the Nordiques may have got the best player in the deal in Forsberg, and the rest of the haul helped them make a quick transition from laughingstock to Cup contender.

But they do seem to be following one key page from the Nordiques’ playbook by working to create a bidding war between two teams.

If Dorion can maneuver the Stars and Lightning into an auction, he may be able to extract enough value to make the move work out.

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