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Born in South Yorkshire in England, Pat was ordained at St Thomas of Canterbury Fulham on the 19 October 1968, for the Diocese of St Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions.

It was 20 years later that he arrived in the Geraldton Diocese, after spending many years working in various parts of Africa.

He was a great example of a pastor who knew his people very well and related to them warmly.

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During his time at Seacombe Gardens he ministered to three generations of families.

However, like Kent in Shakespeare's King Lear, He had a journey shortly for to go, his master called and he must not say no.' Like the master he served, Bernie died on Good Friday to await in hope a glorious resurrection. Born 14/12/1932; Date of Ordination: 22/07/1967 - Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Vincent, a dedicated, loving pastor with a wonderful sense of humour served the Church for over 43 years in the parishes of Belmont, Caulfield South, Glen Waverley, Kyneton, Fawkner, Heidelberg, Yea, Laverton, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Niddrie and Winchelsea.

Bernie was born in Wagin, the tenth of eleven children, and after completing his education at age 14, went to work on the Railways.

At 18 he entered the seminary in Guildford and faced the unpleasant prospect of learning Latin and getting his Leaving Certificate.

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