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Furthermore, the Designated Person is given 24/7 direct access to our Chief Executive Officer to ensure that the necessary attention and resources can be brought to bear on any serious problem that might be identified.

In addition to our Designated Person inspections, we maintain an Audit Services Department that conducts its own audits and reviews of our ships.

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We have a safety culture throughout our organization, both on our ships and within our Seattle, Washington headquarters.

Shoreside, many of our people either have spent years first working on our ships or have other maritime experience. SAFETY – COMPANY AUDITS AND INSPECTIONS Governmental inspections are always supplemented by internal audits and inspections conducted by internal personnel.

Several members of our management teams have joined us after first serving more than 20 years with the U. Our goal is to identify any potential issues ourselves and address these immediately rather than leave it to regulators.

It begins with the design and equipping of our ships.

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The Designated Person, together with his/her staff, conducts multi-day, annual inspections of every ship.Dating back to its time as part of the United Kingdom, the Bahamas has developed one of the most extensive and respected maritime regulatory programs in the world and, as a result, has thousands of cargo and passenger ships operating under its flag.To ensure that both the IMO and flag state rules are complied with, every ship is also required to be registered with one of the internationally-recognized Classification Societies; in the case of Seabourn, it is Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and RINA.The Classification Society carries out a full ship inspection once a year plus does additional surveys of important safety and other ship equipment on a set schedule that ensures this equipment is regularly examined and tested. port is subject to a semi-annual Control Verification Inspection by the United States Coast Guard during which almost an entire day is spent by Coast Guard personnel examining our lifesaving, nautical and other operating systems including observing mandatory emergency lifeboat drills. SAFETY – HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE Every nautical and engineering officer on our ship has a government license either issued or approved by our flag state that confirms they have met the requirements for their position on the size of ships that we operate.There are further inspections conducted by many of the countries that our ships visit. Additional safety, security and health inspections are carried out by other U. agencies including Customs and Border Protection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Agriculture. These requirements vary by position and, as would be expected, are particularly rigorous for our senior officers.We operate a comprehensive nautical and engineering cadet program whereby young women and men who are enrolled in maritime colleges are able to spend over a year on our ships supplementing their classroom education with onboard training.People who successfully complete their cadetship are offered positions as junior officers and, so long as they continue to demonstrate their proficiency and upgrade their licenses, are promoted through the ranks.Participants can also choose to disband the tour at Kappa-Bashi, Ueno or Akihabara should you find it more convenient. When the Imperial Palace East Garden is closed on Mon and Fri, the tour will visit the Imperial Palace Plaza and Nijubashi instead. Due to operational reasons, public transportation (subway, taxi) may be used for pick up and return services.The itinerary may be changed due to heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions, or other operational reasons.Similar inspection programs exist around the world with particularly rigorous inspections performed throughout Europe and South America as well as in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. To obtain a license, they must have graduated from an accredited maritime college.These inspections ensure compliance with both IMO requirements as well, in the case of the United States, with a detailed set of special requirements under U. We try, to the maximum extent possible, to grow people within our company.

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