Advice on dating a pilot

There may be days that being around your significant other can put a toll on your relationship.

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There will always be people who are bad at gift giving, but not pilots.That way I wouldn’t forget and make the same mistake twice.Okay okay so it may have been more than twice, so what! First impressions count and he really was a great guy. At the majors they start out at around ,000, but once off probation their salaries skyrocket with many topping out around 0,000. Or they’ll wait around to eat whatever is left the flight attendants get first dibs on first and business classs passenger leftovers. This might have something to do with the fact that so many will dig around inside seat pockets for discarded newspapers after a flight.Then again it does cost a lot to own your own expensive airplane.One of my flight attendant friends dated a pilot who took her to a Mc Donalds drive-thru so they could get to an event in time for free parking. Another flight attendant dated a pilot for eight years and said he would have rather walked barefoot uphill in a snowstorm before paying for the convenience of valet parking.As a blogger, I like to check my google analytics reports to see the activity on my blog.The reports will show me things like: where my visitors are from, how long they stay on my blog, what pages they read, where they are referred from, ect.Imagine the kind of openness one needs when flying a heavy metal without seeing what’s ahead!A pilot breaks the rules of gravity and dares to go where not everyone does.

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