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The Giant Sequoia or Sierra Redwood trees (Sequoiadendron giganeum) reach 290 ft (average) and have the biggest volume. It is found in Sierra Nevada, California but has been cultivated in various parts of the world.

The Coast Redwood trees can be found off the coast of California (hence the moniker California Redwood). But as noted earlier, some variants reach heights of over 350 ft. The land occupied by the Coast Redwoods is over 750 km. In terms of age, the oldest known is 3,500 years old. One of the biggest ones is in Scotland, reaching 177 ft.

One can hardly accuse these pioneers of evolutionary prejudice.That is, an index fossil corresponded to a very specific point in the geologic column.Once the worth of index fossils had been established on the basis of stratification studies, they could logically be used to extend the correlation of rock formations to other continents. Grenda, Jeffrey Homburg, Manuel Palacios-Fest, Steven Shelley, Angela Keller and Davis Maxwell Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Archaeological Heated-Rock Cooking Structures in the Transverse Mountain Ranges: Proposed Markers of Land-Use Shifts since the Early Holocene [SCA Proceedings - PDF].Observations on Settlement and Subsistence during the Late La Jolla Complex - Preceramic Interface as Evidenced at Site CA-SDI-11,796, Lower San Diego River Valley, San Diego County, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].The principle of faunal succession in the geologic record was established by direct observation as early as 1799 by William Smith.By the 1830's Adam Sedgwick and Roderick Murchison established a correlation between the various types of fossils and the rock formations in the British Isles.Being ancient, the C-14 content has long since decayed away and that makes it useful in "zeroing" laboratory instruments. Hovind would take the trouble to do a little reading from something other than creationist publications he would not make such an outrageous statement.It's just one of the tricks that have been used to make the work a little more precise. I believe he has confused the use of index fossils with evolution.It was found that certain fossils, now referred to as index fossils, were restricted to a narrow zone of strata.Studies done on the European continent soon demonstrated the universal validity of index fossils.

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