Aggressive bbws dating

MNot to my knowledge; and it's been (my) experience thus far, when I had it on my profile, I was accused of 'putting it out there' and got all kinds of mixed messages from guys who were mostly vanilla, but just wanted to 'hear' about it ... who weren't really interested at all, and were clueless about the lifestyle.

I also received messages/inquiries from some people who were just rude and clearly uninformed across the board.

It's not to say that I do not take a dominant roll occasionally (maybe 15-20% of the time) but I am much more turned on when I am more submissive. I've always been a big girl and have never had a problem attracting good looking men, and I'm quite confident, but something inside me still feels a bit insecure about my weight, and in the bedroom the more submissive role allows me to feel good about my body.

Sorry if this doesn't answer your question, but I thought someone might find it interesting.

Hips move, legs move, arms move everything inside her moves!

Time to find a bbw that doesn’t have health issues in bed! This can be explained by her not having an adverse relationship with her body or food.

I'm a sub and a very sensual and passionate person.

For instance, I have a Type A personality in business and in public. I don't top from the bottom, but I'm definitely in control, and most definitely active ... I want to throw in my $.02 on the subject, although I have only my experience and perspective, so I would never try to catagorize large women.

I have no body issues and a good Dominant finds a woman's gift of submission to be what makes her the most appealing to him.

I feel that the BBW ladies often get into the D/s roles as it is something in demand that men are attracted too and a place where the skinny minis dont want to go, therefore men will over look size for the erotic open mind of a D/s girl. I don't think it would matter whether I weigh what I do now or 100 pounds lighter. It's not the body, it's the mind and I thoroughly enjoy yielding to a man.

I am very shy until you gain my trust then I am loud, funny and funny.. One of my favorite hobbies are traveling out to different places.

I have been all over the wo NO PICS AND NO CAM HERE OR ELSEWHERE. ...36Long blonde curly hair, huge tits, ass to match, 350 lbs., smile to drop you dead.

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