Aircraft clock with gps time updating

Direct acquisition requires a search for the start of the code signal.

If the user has accurate knowledge of time from his local clock, the time required for this search can be reduced.

Through GPS, PTTI plays a central role in four-dimensional coordination, helping to define the spatial coordinate frame and coordinating the time dimension.These ranging accuracy improvements allow a proportional improvement in positioning and time outputs from a GPS receiver.Further improvements in stability and ruggedness of the atomic clocks flown on GPS satellites could do the following: Naval operations are unique in their distributed nature, so four-dimensional coordination of weapons systems is of particular importance to the Navy.Electro-optics technology has found application in sensors for detectors and imaging, laser range finders, target designators, inertial navigation systems, and communications.A less obvious but equally essential technology is PTTI. armed forces in the last 15 years has depended on the synchronization and dissemination of precise time.Advances in PTTI such as more accurate time dissemination and synchronization would provide better overall time coordination between distributed assets.For the warfighter, this could mean If enemy jamming is present, direct acquisition of GPS signal is necessary.As warning times decrease, the demands on the system and PTTI will become greater, placing greater demands on four-dimensional coordination.There are similar examples in antisubmarine warfare and the attack of fleeting targets.Rubidium clocks flown on GPS Block IIR have much better stability than those flown on GPS Block II/IIA.The ranging error with the improved clocks is almost halved.

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