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In 2009 Saab also released an AWD version as well as an exciting limited edition 'Turbo X' model.

These models are a great improvement in all respects over their predecessors. Saab 9-3: Followed hot on the heels of the GM900 (available 1994 - 1998) and was first introduced in 1998, whilst the 9-3 shares the same overall looks as the GM900, over 1100 improvements had been made.

Walau gua boleh hampar sejadah kat jalan tar, tapi gua malas nak kotorkan sejadah.

"Aku ingat demo tido doh.." Member gua kecek luar la kononnya. dah mu memekak macam kerbau." "Kawe tido kena tindih. janji jangan dia penakut tahap lari tinggalkan gua sorang2 jer, dah la.

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As well as the very brief model synopsis below, you will find a huge amount of information covering all models throughout the website, please use the menu bar above to navigate through the site.

Saab 9-2X: The Saab 9-2X was introduced to the Saab range in North America in July 2004 and was based on the Subaru WRX.

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