Al gore dating leslie stahl

Bette Davis scored 10 nominations (2 wins) over 28 years (all leading roles).

Katharine Hepburn garnered 12 nominations (4 wins) after a relatively lengthy 48 years (all leading roles).

Sold her New York City townhouse for .1 million in February 2006.

She was forced to slash the asking price for the eight-bedroom Manhattan property from million to secure a sale.

With the announcement of the 66th Annual Golden Globe Award nominations and receiving two nominations, the actress surpassed Jack Lemmon's count of 22 nominations and is now, besides holding the record for most Oscar nominations, the actor with the most Golden Globe nominations of all time with a total of 29 nominations.

In the stage show "Fame", though other actors are mentioned in song lyrics, she is the only actress to have her name in a song title.

She became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama.

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In 1998 she made her first venture into the area of producing, and was the executive producer for the moving ... A realist when she talks about her future years in film, she remarked that "..matter what happens, my work will stand..." Was romantically involved with actor John Cazale for two years, culminating with his death at age 42 in 1978 from lung cancer.Tennessee Williams wanted her for a film version of "A Streetcar Named Desire" in the 1980s.When Streep proved unavailable, the project was refashioned for television and the role of Blanche given to Ann-Margret.According to Katharine Hepburn's official biographer A.Scott Berg, Meryl Streep was her least favorite modern actress on screen: "Click, click, click," she said, referring to the wheels turning inside Streep's head.Has only been turned down for four roles: Michelle Straton in Ein Mann für gewisse Stunden (1980), Patsy Cline in Der süße Traum vom Glück (1985), Miss Kenton in Was vom Tage übrig blieb (1993), and Elizabeth I in Elizabeth (1998).Is the second of four consecutive winners of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar to have the initials "M. The others are: Maggie Smith - Das verrückte California Hotel (1978), Mary Steenburgen - Melvin und Howard (1980), and Maureen Stapleton - Reds - Ein Mann kämpft für Gerechtigkeit (1981).Occasionally mistaken for friend Glenn Close, Streep was pregnant with her fourth child while shopping in a Los Angeles baby store where the staff lavished her with huge amounts of baby paraphernalia.Just as she was about to leave they whispered, "We loved you in Eine verhängnisvolle Affäre (1987)".She is very reluctant to discuss the relationship with anyone.The couple had been sharing a loft at 146 Franklin Street in Manhattan's Tribeca district.

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