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Mary tells Chehon to just loosen up a little but also tells him that he's got one of the best centers in the entire competition.Guest judge Michael Nunn tells Chehon that if he ever needs a job, he can come to them.Chehon and partner Witney danced a Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan to "Tandav Music" by Aatish Kapadia.Guest judge Adam Shankman praises the choreographer, saying that everytime there's bollywood on the show, it's just pure delight.She tells the two that even though they were apart for some of the routine, she still felt the chemistry between them.Nigel tells them that he was delighted to see the pair do this because he doesn't think they did themselves proud last week, and they did this week with this bollywood.

In the package, the dancers must share their favorite moments from the show.

In the package, the dancers must reveal something America doesn't know about their partners.

Chehon and partner Witney danced a contemporary by Stacey Tookey to "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston.

The piece was danced to "Romantic Inclinations/Like A Shot/Fury" by P. Chehon is paired up with Witney Carson and assigned a samba by Louis van Amstel to "Jump" by The Cube Guys & Lucinana.

Nigel tells Chehon that he's a fantastic dancer, so he doesn't want to critique his style in this but proceeds to give him advice, telling him that he's going to need that core he learned from ballet for every performance he does and to relax and enjoy the performance.

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