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This recording inspired modern Folia-composers because they refer to this recording or at least the approach of it as mentioned in the slipcase.

Lately La Folia seems to gain popularity because from 1998 on there were more discs released completely devoted to Folias.

Perhaps the most well known Barock composition in the form of a popular tune, or Air & Variations, is the set by J. Bach for the keyboard known as the Goldberg Variations (named after the dedicatee).

Couperin führte diese grosse Tradition fort, indem er in seinem "Les Folies Françaises ou les Dominos" getreu seiner brillanten Kleinkunst, die zwölf Couplets, die auf dem 16-tönigen Bass aufbauen, menschliche Eigenschaften, wie "La Pudeur" oder "L'Ardeur" zeichnen lässt. For the MUR 7 release was written on the backside: LA FOLIA: Variations on a popular melody by Frescobaldi Couperin Corelli Marais C. Later on the jazz variations began to be written down, though they were still based on well known folk melodies.

A nice starting point for a concise discography as an introduction to the Folia theme for the interested reader not that familiar with the music itself.

The quality of performance is not that much taken into account, since this is rather arbitrary.

It is a kind of standard chord progression with a free melody although it is quite common to start the first variation with the standard melody line as is common in jazz standards. So you have to buy all the other tracks as well just for that single Folia included.

he only well-known exception for a long time was the Folia-recording of Gregorio Paniagua released back in 1982.

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