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On the second edition of Light Conversation we’re joined by Gary, Indiana footwork producer turned genre-defying, in demand prodigy Jlin (Jerrilynn Patton). Red Light Radio introduces Light Conversation – a new series documenting the lives and experiences of personalities from across the creative spectrum.

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In his daily life and on his many travels, music related or not, there has always been a camera near. An X-Mas From Outer Space w/ DJ Oscar, Rude 66 & Alien Shneafliet (Trumpett Tapes) click here for the facebook event! Here’s a link […] Jordan GZC from Juju & Jordash features in the next installment of Light Conversation – an interview series documenting the experiences and careers of personalities from across the creative spectrum.Abstract, strange, wacky or disturbing, it doesn’t matter.Leading up to The Taste Of Orpheu The Wizard at Atelier on Friday June 29th, Orpheu, RLR and Jäger Music teamed up for a musical experience before the club, but beyond the living room.The Red Light Radio crew was there the whole festival, check our facebook for live video’s and stay tuned for the recordings!Last weekend we had the pleasure of doing a 3-day broadcast in St.Directed by RLR resident Luuk Bouwman, the documentary depicts Verdult, a cult musician in numerous countries, increasingly gaining recognition for his work in art. Our RLR AMS shop is open every day this week […] On saturday the 14th of October we will be doing a live-broadcast from Crevette Records for their 1 year anniversary weekend.Expect a full day of music by different guests: Lefto, Max Abysmal, Asa Moto, A. During ADE Red Light Radio and Music From Memory team up with Carhartt WIP for a special event in the RLR AMS SHOP with music by: Michal Turtle (Live), Jonny Nash (Live), Tako, Abel, Jamie Tiller & Orpheu The Wizard 17-21. RLR AMS SHOP, Oudekerksplein 30 (next to the RLR Studio) Red Light Radio introduces Light Conversation – a new series documenting the lives and experiences of personalities from across the creative spectrum.Petersburg for the amazing Present Perfect Festival.Not only did we had a killer time, we also had some killer guests.This is already exciting & a big reward; getting recognition for our hard work to make our city better. Click here to read more (Dutch only) Odd Fantastic invites electronic music pioneer and neo-classical recording artist and composer Suzanne Ciani for a unique live concert in Berlin. As always RLR will be present for a broadcast before the party kicks off at Atelier Restaurant & Bar in Amsterdam.We will be hosting a live-stream during the day with guests from all over. Here’s a link to the event on facebook Yesterday our friends at Dekmantel released the line up for this summer’s festival. Go to Jäger Music for a spot on the list Heavy heavy thing!! Massive line up for the broadcast: Fyraftensboogie, Mikkel O.

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