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Since the series’ wrap, she has been a shining example of a child star leading with talent, grace, and a good head on her shoulders.

Osment pursued music, attended college, and continued her career in comedy with Freeform’s by Osment’s commitment to comedy and presenting an ambitious albeit misguided woman with hilarious complexity.

Security video shows a man in a top hat stealing cash and cookies from Living the Dream Ice Cream in Eureka, California, early Sunday, police said.

Officers arrested Christian Bradford, 59, early Monday on suspicion of burglary.

Lee Boyd Malvo, who received multiple life sentences for his role in the 2002 "Beltway sniper" killings, may have his fate decided by the U. The Tampa Police Department in Florida released surveillance video showing the moment when a store clerk was sucker punched in the face by a suspect after the clerk refused to sell him alcohol at a.m. Miami-Dade police in Florida are looking for a man who filmed himself setting off a firework inside a Dollar Tree store near The Falls mall in southwest Miami-Dade on July 4th.

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She’s a dreamer, a spitfire, and a loose cannon, traits Osment sinks her teeth into with riotous abandon.Don’t write her off as another Disney darling who grabbed a recording contract out of requirement from the network.No, she’s got powerhouse pipes and can write catchy bangers and beautiful acoustic ballads.Thank you for visiting we hope that you come back very soon! My name is Camila and i’m the new webmaster of this website!I adopted of freefansitehosting and I’d like to thank their team for letting me adopt!A man is facing charges after Ohio police say he dragged an officer for more than a mile in his car while fleeing a traffic stop.Dashcam video shows the officer being dragged down a street while another trooper chases the suspect. He faces resentencing because he was only 17 years old when he was first sentenced.HANNAH YOU ARE MY WIFE OKKKKKKKK IAM IN ENGLAND WHAT ABOUT YOUR ADDRESS???IAM GO TO YOUR HOME AND YOU MARRY WITH ME OKKKK ............In a recent tweet, I made this long overdue declaration: “Emily Osment is the most underrated comedic actress of our time.” I have done the research and can definitively inform you that this statement is gospel.But rather than continuing to shout the truth out into the ether, I’d like to present the world with cold, hard facts.

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