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Including the famous poem 'If' (left) Serena Williams (right) who arguably has done more in her lifetime to advance racial and sexual equality than any other living athlete, is like many fans inspired by the poem's celebration of stoicism and bravery in the face of adversity.She has walked past a mural of 'If' on each of the ten occasions she has contested a singles final at Wimbledon, since its most famous lines are carried above the entrance to Centre Court, to inspire players (bottom).Theresa May is to issue a series of weekly warnings about the impact on British lives of a no-deal Brexit.Consumers and firms will get advice in 'bundles' from next week on how to plan for 'a disorderly Brexit' Steven Hamilton, 33, from Aldrige, Birmingham, says he has no other choice but to make a stand against what he described as poor customer service from staff at the Lancaster Land Rover dealership.However, the IMF has released estimates suggesting Ireland would bear the brunt of a £200billion hit to the EU economy from a no deal outcome.

Urging Brussels to follow her example by 'evolving' its stance, Mrs May said she could 'never accept' terms that would tear the UK apart.

At the time of the horrific incident, Ms O'Neill was still celebrating the arrival of her child, with 'It's a girl' banners attached to her front door (left).

Nigel Hurst killed himself aged 56 after piling up debts that forced him to live with no heating or water at his home in Cumbria while he also battled cancer of the kidneys.

Now he has been filmed again half naked ferociously trying to fell a tree in his 8,070-hectare jungle garden, where he sleeps in a hut made of trees and spends most of his time hunting forest pigs, birds and monkeys with a bow and arrow.

A San Antonio woman has been jailed for 33 years after she and her husband raped their adopted daughter for years and forced her to give birth to three children that they then passed off as their own.

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