Apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade Free chat area porn

Those results came during what is typically a weaker quarter for the company because it follows the traditionally strong year-end period.But when CEO Steve Jobs and other executives meet shareholders at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., the nearly evangelical fervor among Apple acolytes may be tempered somewhat by recent developments in the months-long saga of the company's stock-option investigation.The controversy stems from an internal investigation into the backdating of 6,400 grants that were made between 19.

"Even if Apple decides to grant stock options to senior executives in the future, the Board believes that the proponent's restrictive approach is not necessary to protect the interests of Apple shareholders," the company wrote in its proxy.Rich repeated several tired blemishes -- options backdating, returning cash, Jobs' health disclosure -- while intoning that you must set aside past results … They have been so dominating that Jobs was named CEO of the decade by 2. If they have consequences other than what you think they should, that does not make them wrong. convenes its annual shareholders' meeting Thursday, a brewing scandal over the backdating of stock options could mar what otherwise should be a celebration of the best year ever for the maker of PCs and consumer electronic devices.continue to trade above the 0 mark -- an all-time high on a split-adjusted basis.and its leader, CEO Steve Jobs, to look out for shareholders when they've shown they don't care about them. This includes management's actions and the operating results.Upon reading Rich's article and his rationale, my engineering common-sense kicked me and said . In my opinion, the truest measure of the treatment of outside shareholders is the return on investment, and in that sense, Apple's results have dominated the competition.A group of activist shareholders has put a proposal on the company's proxy statement.The proposal calls for the company to set grant dates for stock options during a given fiscal year ahead of time.It also mandates that options granted to senior executives be given an exercise price that is equal to the average opening and closing prices of Apple stock on the day that the options are given.The proposal is sponsored by New York-based Amalgamated Bank Long View Collective Investment Fund and the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds, of Hartford, Conn.

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