Application screenupdating doesn t work

If you change the setting of something, then when you are through, set it back to the way it was before. There are too many bad possible outcomes that you would not know about until they happen.Platforms; IT settings; UDFs; fatal errors occurring from unforeseen reasons (but they’d seem obvious after they happen when first unforeseen); the list goes on. I cannot tell you how many times in my work I’ve come across a potential bad outcome were the True setting not reset. Value = "(All)" End If If Worksheets("Dash Board").

I do not open any external workbooks but I do activate them. Instead of sheets("sheet1").select Use Sheets(("sheet1")Obviously this isn't your particular code, but you get the gist.Whether the end of a macro comes from the expected process of events or through error handling, please always ensure you have reset Screen Updating to True if you had previously set to False.I have a simple macro that was created in Excel 2010 which does not work now that I switched to Excel 2016 (from Office 365). If for example the macro errors out or is interrupted before it completes, Screen Updating would still be off while Excel is running.Future versions of Excel will invariably support new, or stop supporting existing, VBA methods and properties, so it’s an unnecessary risk to not reset Screen Updating.So everytime the value of sheet1 B2 and E2 changes, it copies that new changes to sheet2 but moves the new values down one row. Hi, I always used this method to hide a running macro and make it execute faster but it seems not to work anymore.Is there anything that could influence the functionning of this method???I even tried to copy the old code inside my latest version and it still doesn't work. Hi Vestax22: Would not your question be better asked in a VBA forum?Third, there might be times when you are running code in sequence and you want to see what you did while you are doing it. Macros Two and Three are called by Macros One and Two, but you cannot see the results of your code until the last macro is completed, unless you had set the Screen Updating back to the way it was in each macro. Screen Updating = False Msg Box "Screen Updating is off now !! Value = "Two" Msg Box "Screen Updating is " & Application.It bears mentioning in this case that the message boxes give that wild effect if you drag them while Screen Updating is False, very sloppy, all the more reason to set things back to normal as you go. Screen Updating = True Msg Box "Screen Updating is on." Range("A1: A3"). Screen Updating Three End Sub Sub Three() Range("A3").

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