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7) VR and AR for commercial purposes like shopping, workplace collaboration, navigation, transportation and healthcare will make the technology so commonplace that 3D entertainment will be forced to innovate.Currently VR technology is so new that businesses can rely on that factor alone to help create engaging and entertaining experiences.If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.

More recently, other sectors such as healthcare and education have realized the potential in using virtual reality and augmented reality to teach in new ways.Last week I was fortunate enough to be part of VR World in London.I was extremely impressed with the brands and businesses that attended and the continuing advancements in the commercial VR sector.Businesses are harnessing the power of new technologies such as VR and AR to do everything from providing better care for patients, developing safer working environments for employees and creating mind-blowing art and entertainment experiences.One hot topic that was on everyone’s mind is – WHERE IS THIS GOING?Given Facebook’s global reach, their support of using VR technology to connect with friends could help bring such activities to the masses.There are also several other companies banking on the power of social VR, such as High Fidelity and Altspace VR.He showed impressive video footage of how H&M have leveraged the power of VR to optimize the design process, even allowing designers to ‘feel’ the weight and drape of virtual fabrics.When asked if eventually these design innovations would make its way into the hands of consumers, Hagström indicated they were moving in that direction and exploring those options, however he warned that the hardware needs to evolve for fashion consumers to embrace the new technology, “as we in HM IT Labs look at the future around VR / AR, we see that it will develop and help customers in the omni channel experience.Below I have collected some of the most intriguing predictions from technology visionaries from around the globe.Let the countdown begin: This couldn’t have been more evident as the breadth of commercial VR companies at the event represented a wide array of industries.

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