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Adam was shot by a party-crashing gang member, Clare was dumped by Jake and made peace with her ex Eli (Munro Chambers).

With talking, reactions, script notes and changes it takes about three hours to get through the table read because we do two episodes at a time, although recently all the episodes have been two parters anyway.It is much harder to write for real people than for characters.Important things to know before reading:*This takes place during the filming of season 12 and may continue beyond that*Jessica and Munro are dating but Daniel and Mindy are not for this story Mindy & Justin are dating*Starts shortly after the Party with De Grassi tour*Please see note above*The rest, including relationships, are in the story so enjoy Because this story involves the actors not the characters I'm including a list of actors along with their nicknames (that I'm aware of if they have any) simply for reference although I imagine most of you know this information already.I do not know and have never met any of the actors.Everything in this story about their personalities, families and personal lives is from what I've been able to gather online through interviews and videos."You're going to see her short-cut her way to get what she wants, which may not be the best thing for her." Fiona (Annie Clark)Fiona is just trying to fit in now that Holly J, her best friend, has graduated."She's more focused on trying to find herself," Steele says.This story is a work of fiction and for entertainment purposes only.Important Note: This story is about the actors and not the characters and is purely fiction.Eli (Munro Chambers)It's been a tough year for Eli: His ex-girlfriend died, he broke up with Clare and he was diagnosed with bipolarity. "He's taking the time to relax and get healthy," Chambers says. He hurt her [earlier this season] and is trying to make amends there.They get close later on in the season." Tori (Alex Steele)Tori may be new to Degrassi, but Steele isn't. "I thought it would be cool if I came back as Angela, but when I got the call to come in for Tori, I was so excited," Steele says.

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