Are elisha cuthbert and dion phaneuf still dating

Perhaps “groupies” is too strong a word, considering these girls’ identities don’t exactly hinge on who they date.

All parties maintain that this wasn’t the case, and the radio station apologized.

One would hope so, considering, you know, she’s married. Hockey girl has seen some action from the likes of Sean Avery and Dion Phaneuf, the current captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs whom she has been seeing for several years.

Despite swearing off baseball players, she still remains a Dodger fan, but I would keep her a few rows back, just to be safe. Kardashian has made short work of all these guys in about two years, so maybe we can just chalk it up to being a phase. She was at the center of a controversy (if you call Sean Avery being an insufferable dick a “controversy”) when Avery called out her new relationship with Phaneuf, making a comment about Cuthbert being his “sloppy seconds.” Avery’s history of behavioral problems came to a head with this comment, and the NHL suspended him for six games, at the end of which, his team, the Dallas Stars, severed ties with him.

Avery, then a member of the the New York Rangers, turned away from the play and waved his stick in front of New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur’s face.

The next day, the NHL issued an interpretation of the unsportsmanlike conduct rule to cover actions such as those employed by Avery.

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