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Gradually it became less of a traditional music doc and more a film examining the burden of dreams and the gradual dissolution or transformation of a romantic relationship.

While on tour, Glen and Marketa unleashed their raw unkempt heartache through their music.

There's a logic and satisfaction to fixing things you could never get from songwriting." Hardly a sentiment one might anticipate from a singer-songwriter whose new solo album, Didn't He Ramble, might just be his most personal, and loveliest, yet; but Hansard is nothing if not a plain speaker. "Songs are these weird, ethereal things – like birds that land in the garden you try to coax into the room.

"Not interested in all that," he scoffs, "and I'm not on the social media." Though he did make the gossip pages recently, photographed mid-singsong in an Irish pub with the American comedian du jour Amy Schumer. "I didn't even know who she was." When you listen to the rough-hewn beauty of Didn't He Ramble, it becomes clear why Bob Dylan invited him on tour, and why his band, the Frames (currently on hiatus), have found success the world over since forming in 1990. "Early on, we worked out it would take us 60 years of touring here before we filled a room, at which point we just thought fuck having to beg this place for acceptance. "I'd started getting into trouble – drinking, glue, the usual stuff. Dad was drunk the whole time, hardly a figure of authority. He wasn't." Guidance came instead in the form of his headmaster, who took Hansard aside one day, concerned.

The end of their personal relationship came in the form of a whisper at a small Czech cafe and would have flown under our radar had it come any earlier in the filming process.

The 2006 low budget indie romance filmed in Dublin brought the pair together, and their affair continued off screen, with the couple becoming the toast of Hollywood when they attended the 2008 Oscars and performed the theme tune from the movie that also won them an Oscar.

Cillian Murphy had signed on to appear alongside a 19-year-old newcomer, Czech musician Marketa Irglova; Hansard would write the songs. "Cillian doesn't like me saying this, but he had reservations about some of my songs. But, then, the character was pretty dark." With Murphy gone, the funding disappeared, and the project seemed doomed.

Until, that is, Carney implored his friend to step in.

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