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What if I really walk-the-talk in terms of not being a ‘no, because I said so’ dad, but being ‘I don’t think so and let me explain why and then I’d love to hear if you know differently? That’s the kind of dad this guy is.”Mortensen—Hollywood’s most outspoken Dennis Kucinich supporter in 2008— shares a similar political viewpoint as his character. It’s much more gratifyingly layered, profound and complex than that.”For Mortensen, , or even his own more recent collaborations with Cronenberg.

Still, it was important to him that the film not be a progressive polemic.“You think at first, this movie is going to be some kind of liberal utopian fantasy,” says Mortensen, whose character’s political and societal opposite number in the film is his wife’s disapproving father, played by ‘s Frank Langella. I guess if I were a conservative person, I would have figured okay, great, the enemy is going to be all people like me. And he is not wrong.“This film talks to, indirectly, a communication problem that I think we have in the U.

After all, he did spend the bulk of Henry’s teen years in far off New Zealand, helping to turn his son’s favorite books into movie magic.

“I started thinking it’s also an interesting exercise as a parent to say, what if I devoted every single second to the best possible forming of my children, giving all my attention to give them a best possible start I could? “What if you gave them a start that was intellectual in every way, that encouraged open discourse?

But what was surprising to me about working with him is that I could never catch him acting.

Père d'Henry Blake Mortensen, 21 ans, qu'il a eu avec sa première épouse Exene Cervenka, le bel acteur d'origine scandinave semble très proche aujourd'hui avec la charmante actrice espagnole Ariadna Gil, 40 ans, notamment vue dans Belle Epoque, Don Juan ou Jet Set.

Après avoir partagé l'affiche du très beau western Appaloosa, les deux acteurs partagent aujourd'hui un peu plus, et ont été vus le week-end dernier dans le pays natal de la belle brune, à Madrid.

That leads to things like Britain exiting the European Union.”Suddenly, Mortensen flashes on a connection to .

“Jesus, they’re isolating themselves in a way like the Cash family is in the woods! “Yeah, they want to take care of their own thing and be authentic but what happens when you’re not talking to the other people in the world?

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