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I am posting this to not only vent, but to see if anyone has any opinion or input on this. But they are not SF (peeps-non 18 series males or females- in the support squadrons aren't)."When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." -Dr.

I am naive about the military and she has taught me a lot. Maya Angelou By continuing a relationship with this girl, you're ignoring red flags.

This throws a wrench into our game plan, but I told her that since I love her I am willing to move just to be with her.

We got into a couple intense fights the last two times we visited each other. Females with SF Teams, females with ground infantry brigades/battalions, females with whomever else is on the ground engaging with a civilian population that is primarily Muslim in a low intensity conflict and half the population is off limits to males? They do great and needed work where males cannot tread without causing a significant emotional event.

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Terry Speck, a medic with the 854th Engineer Battalion, reunites with his family after returning from a deployment.

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During their period of career intermission, these soldiers will not be required to attend drills or participate in other military activities.Article 134 (UCMJ) establishes guidelines for the associations and behaviors of officers only.More specifically, Article 134 prohibits an “unprofessional relationship” between an officer and enlisted member.I met my current significant other via a paid, online, dating service about 7 months ago. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and she lives about 1,200 miles East.I was not interested in pursuing her due to the distance, but she assured me that she is 1.5 years into a med-board retirement and it has always been her dream to move to my area.Afteter going through all the "what-if" situations, I came to find that she is a special ops Army Officer who has served since she was 18. Well, we see each other for about a week every month, whether I go visit her or she comes to visit me.I have never had a long distance relationship and was also skeptical, but it seems to be going well!They also are excluded from promotion consideration during this time, and their IRR time will not count toward retirement eligibility or computation of retired pay.Upon completion of the intermission, soldiers will return to active service where they will regain promotion eligibility and resume the professional development track of assignments and schooling for their specialty and rank.Military servicemembers are often held to a higher ethical standard than people in civilian life.In the military, certain consensual sex acts that might not cause undue fallout in civilian life, are considered improper sexual conduct and could result in a court martial.

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