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My wife is not (then again every man she has dated was of East Asian ancestry before me).

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As a member of you also have more ways to meet people.I think this question mainly pertains to East and Southeast Asian women or people of this abstraction in the U. I have feelings about that too, but I think the same can be true of Indian men, but Indian women tend to not marry out nearly as much.Some here have also talked about Asian women being “self hating sellouts”. I, as a non-Asian man, get seriously turned off by Asian women who just put down Asian men in front of me, and talk about non-Asian men being “better” [insert the way].If you need some dating inspiration take a look at our articles covering everything from Asian dishes to cook to impress your date to Asian make up and skin care tips to prepare for a date.When we think of online dating, we most likely think of sites for singles.However, in the last 30-40 years the concept of a woman purposefully "moving-up" by marriage is generally criticized and frowned upon in Western society, which is a natural outgrowth of feminism. If you raise your daughters to be materialistic, status conscious, and that they should marry as rich as they can..this is part of your moral foundation and it is enforced by parents... Since the industrial revolution, Europeans, especially Western Europeans (and their offshoots in North America, etc) have dominated the world politically, militarily, economically. Even as Western hard power declines, the media, especially that of the Anglophone world, centered in Hollywood, is still dominate globally.Well feminism never touched the mind of most East Asian women, not in that way anyway, especially the parents of most 1st generation immigrants, which over 50% of Asian Americans are in the U. You can see white people being anything from a homeless psychopath to saving the entire is beamed into your living room every single day, all day...Asian American women have the highest rate of out-marriage, that is not even counting dating, about 40%.For a lot of women marrying up and being part of the 'norm" is marrying white, all things being equal.Started in 2004, International Cupid is part of the well-established Cupid Media network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites.With a commitment to connecting singles everywhere, we bring the world to you.

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