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Even then, they make Brits look positively paranoid.

Aussie girls in particular are known for letting their hair down.

But it's not just London's access to travel or the following of some bizarre cultural rite of passage, no, our love for London is so very much more deep than that. The constant flow of top international artists, bands and DJs that won't go to Australia 2. Cheap and awesome clothes *cough* Primark *cough* 4. Stumbling upon history that dates back hundred of years, everywhere 7.

It's all the little things we love I spoke to some current Aussie expats and they helped me put together a list of 36 "little things" we Australians have come to love about living in London.

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I would like to think I'll go back eventually but I don't know when that will be. Public transport is unreliable, overcrowded, expensive and shocking service. Everything takes a lot longer to get done over here, eg. Friday is always a big night out, firstly with work mates for a beer then kick on somewhere else with other mates to pubs and clubs.Trying to make an Australian stressed is next to impossible.You'll need to make fun of "Australia Day" or an obscure radio station they love called "Triple J" if you really want to wind one up. Tonight there will be a huge amount of drunken Australians celebrating in this city. Just to explain, the veracity of these stereotypes might have somethingto do with the fact that the writer spent three years living in Sydney when he was a young chap of 10. I think the two countries have always been historically close. I just double checked with my English mates here at work and they said closer as long as we integrate with English society and not diss England as some Aussies do. Because we all need our visas to come over here : O) Seriously though I think Australia is scared of change. Because too many old people with very distinct English roots (those who actually care about the Queen) haven't died out yet. Here are three stereotypes about Australians living in London: 1. He had a wonderful time, but was also subjected to systematic abuse over the failings of the English national cricket team. Being liberal types who believe in equality and diversity with eye-watering passion, we on the good ship Londonist are not afraid to investigate our own prejudices. I think both cultures tend to get on fairly well and the large Aussie community living here is an example of that. I think maybe the English have a better understanding of what it means to be Australian and vice-versa. They and I hate Australians who come here and put down England the whole time. Australians will continue to move away from England as the older generation back home dies out and we become a republic. How confident are you that it will be another 16 years before the Poms win the Ashes again? Australia is about to go through a massive re-building phase so I wouldn't be surprised if the Ashes is much more closely fought until our new team establishes a stranglehold again. At the moment, England is showing no sign of ever having the heart to win the Ashes again. It's Australia Day this weekend and some of the biggest gatherings of antipodeans will be happening right here in London. But what is it about this city that draws so many of us in when we so readily revel in tormenting the English cricket team? How can we declare our love, when we proudly declare that our lifestyle of balmy weather and beaches is to be envied by London Brits who covet grey skies and enduring winters? In other industries, you'll work with the best-of-the-best 24. To experience working overseas and be closer to my girlfriend. I don't see them as being completely separate from the English. Plus the travelling from London is so easy and affordable. I think Londoners are very worldly and they've always got something to say which I like. It's a great place to have a family but there is not a lot to do for a young person. It's nice being so close to Europe (although I probably don't get out of the UK as much as I should) and there are loads of opportunities career-wise. The fact that I now spend far too much time at the pub. I'm normally busy on Friday and Saturday nights and I normally do something on Sunday as well. Sorry to sound like a broken record but the English are friendlier than most Londoners. What qualities do you see in them and do you regard Londoners as being separate from the English? There is something new and exciting to do everyday of the week. It's a nice launching pad to see more interesting countries in Europe. There is always a lot going on, eg football, music, theatre, markets and other things to see. I like that there is always something to do and always someone to do it with. Grocery shopping is pathetic and everything is pre-packaged in plastic 10 times over. Mostly my mates at work, I don't really know many other English people. What would be a typical week for you in terms of your social life? During the week, I probably do something with friends on at least two nights. What qualities do you see in them and do you regard Londoners as being separate from the English? Once you get to know them they are very nice people. I also love that there are people from so many interesting cultures living in London.

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