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The Black Magic Autococker is absolute “sweetness”.To the football world, the late Walter Payton came to be known as ‘Sweetness’ and anyone talking football immediately conjures up images of Payton running and diving when one inadvertently says ‘Sweetness’.

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Without a proper fit or feel, there wouldn’t be anything to write about.

Here are some basic pictures and a quick overview of the specifications. The Black Magic Autococker comes in a standard 2001 autococker box, except for a “BM” and serial number printed on the side. The Body: The Black Magic has a uniquely milled body.

Click for a picture of all the parts that came with the gun. There are no corners, all the edges are rounded off.

The frame is wrapped in wrap around Hogue rubber grips. The Trigger: Perhaps this is the mechanism that concerns the majority of paintball players.

The trigger and grip is the most crucial part of any paintball marker.

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