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Above: Author's Austro-Daimler Vent Noir II 57cm frame bicycle S/N 6164001 photographed 28 Sept. Accessories that date the bike include: Silca Impero frame mounted pump, Rhode Gear Flickstand frame-mounted brace to park the bike upright, a Lock Sock (attached to the Top Tube forward of the Saddle) storing an original Citadel bike lock within.

Click on image to see enlarged view (990,366 bytes PNG file).

17 March 1834 Schorndorf, Kingdom of Württemberg Germany, d.

6 March 1900) an engineer, industrial designer and industrialist.

Established with DMG's subscribed investment of 200,000 guilders, the company factory and offices were at Wiener-Neustadt and in Wein (Vienna).

By establishing this subsidiary DMG became the first automotive multinational company.

In 1909 the Austro Daimler company was formally made an independent concern though with stock still stock held by Daimler, then in 1912 the Daimler company sold its shares in Austro Daimler.

From from 1899 through 1934 Austro Daimler would produce motor vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, rail cars, and sold engines for aircraft and for marine applications too.

29 December 1929) by 1885 they developed motorcycles and the first automobiles that were powered by compact high RPM gasoline powered engines.The nascent Austro-Daimler and Puch companies were formed in four cities; Wein, Graz, Steyr and Wiener-Neustadt in what the history books refer to as the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the 1890's.To be concise, the origin was some decades before then in 1855 when Josef Werndl (b. 29 April 1889), a gunsmith, took over the established family manufacturing company then making components for small arms.On 11 August 1899 DMG founded a subsidiary company to represent DMG in Austria, this was the Österreichische Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft Bierenz, Fischer & Co.(Austrian Daimler Motors Partnership Company Bierenz, Fischer and Co).Waffenfabrik und Sägemühle in Oberletten" (Weapons Factory Arms and Sawmill) was formalized on 16 April 1864 in Steyr, Austria.They would continue the manufacturing but also develop the Werndl-rifle Model 1867, a new modern breech loading rifle system.Eduard Fischer would remain active in the company through 1 June 1920. 27 June 1862 in Juršinci, then Georgendorf, Austrian-Hungarian Empire now in Slovenia) learned much about mechanical design and production while working for a locksmith in southern Austria.After his military service in 1885 he moved to Graz where by 1888 he was hired as a bicycle mechanic working for the large-scale bicycle manufacturer Albl & Co. The company was owned by Benedict Albl but it was there he came upon the idea to set out and establish his own bicycle shop.Eduard Bierenz, a friend of Gottlieb Daimler, was appointed to manage the company.Bierenz worked with co-founder Edward Fischer, owner of an iron foundry and engineering company in Austria.

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