Backdating a project

Today I wanted to introduce you a very special project, a very special unit.

We could say it is a one-off backdated outlaw, something awesome and exquisite at the same time.

My name is Tim Runcie and I manage a Project, Program and Portfolio management methodology and technology training and consulting company called Advisicon.

Our whole focus is to help organizations optimize and leverage both PPM methodologies and great tools to automate and streamline productivity.

Either typing, clicking or double clicking any of these areas will allow you to drill down and select a different type of relationship.

Typically in creating a schedule we want to link activities together.

While this may seem common place we find that people struggle with the scheduling tools and relationship connectors to do this correctly.As you can see with this next diagram, it is NOT the easiest to manage a schedule with going forward, let alone follow and progress.OK, now that we have identified a common pitfall, let’s look at how to get this working correctly!In the following diagram, you can see that I am showing the Task Entry view, where the Gantt Chart, the Task Sheet and the Task form are all close together and I have circled 3 key areas.These are the Predecessor relationships (there are certainly many more ways to edit this), but essentially we are showing a link (and the type of link) between task #1 and Task #2.If you were building your schedule, you would be listing the Finish Date as Row #1, then linking the next to the last Task as the second row in our schedule.This would leave you with the Finish of your Project Schedule in Row #1 with the following rows evolving to the beginning of your schedule which may be Row #279.This can be used for Reverse engineering, but it doesn’t allow your schedule to be easily managed in a forward progressing one, so avoid this.The idea is that the Start of a Task will trigger the finish of another task.You are now ready to do reverse engineering quickly and effectively. Good luck with your scheduling and feel free to reach out to me at Tim.

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