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11, 2001 terror attacks, soon after his 2006 transfer to Guantánamo from more than three years in the CIA’s secret overseas prison network in an image obtained by Mc Clatchy.The 9/11 charge sheet says he went by “Khallad,” an alias.Pohl inquired: “Let’s say, for example, either the CIA or the detention facility themselves record a conversation, and then they forward the recording or the information to the NSA or the DIA.Would that be the type of involvement you’re talking about, or are you talking about the direct involvement at the time?

The interrogator/instructor, identified as X3L, had “personally drowned him, what they call water-dousing, which is basically waterboarding without a board.” He also “personally walled Mr.In little more than a year, Mueller has brought to court overwhelming evidence that Russian military intelligence carried out the covert operation.While Trump emphatically denies “collusion,” signs suggest that Mueller can and will show that the Russians were aided and abetted by Americans.Alleged 9/11 plotter Ammar al Baluchi, Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s nephew, was used as a test subject in a CIA training exercise for new interrogators, Connell told the judge on May 3, 2018.“They brought in new interrogators and they experimented on Mr.“I know that he does not like to take showers.” 10 hours ago / 0 notes Twitter Ads info and privacy But they have the power to strike back.For two years now, high-ranking veterans of American intelligence have sounded the alarm about Trump in the starkest language possible.This recently released war court transcript shows it isn’t.For 9/11 families and others watching the pretrial proceedings as they unfold, the transcripts at times answer questions raised in the public sessions: War court policy on what defense lawyers can show and tell their clients has evolved in Guantánamo’s USS Cole bombing and Sept. Initially, after those clients’ 20 arraignments, classified material was off limits because the prisoners don’t have security clearances.Connell told the judge that he needs to track down and question the interrogator as he prepares for trial, the transcripts show. From a partially declassified closed-court hearing held at Guantánamo on May 3, 2018. Steve Gabavics, the Guantánamo prison warden, explains why he rejected a defense request to let Nashiri, the alleged USS Cole bomber, spend nightsin his war court cell rather than go back and forth to the prison, a trip that makes the captive nauseated. 12, 2000 USS Cole attack, Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, soon after his 2006 transfer to Guantánamo from four years in the CIA’s secret overseas prison network in an image obtained by Mc Clatchy.Part of his concern is for the captive’s security when he’s away from the maximum-security Camp 7.

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