Barbie dating hsu vic zhou who is lee min ho dating now 2016

They're not dating anymore D: They were my favorite couple and I was upset to hear the news.I think they broke up because of the papazarri accusing Vic Zhou of a third couple? I also heard that they might be still having some feelings for each other but they don't want to get the paparazzi involve so they keep it secret. But anyway, let's respect their privacy and hope they get back together!Friends treat each other sincerely and in the future they will still be able to encourage one another.Da S do not have the wisdom and the ability to get married.' Mrs. Barbie was calm and replied: 'Hsu Mama can say whatever she wants, I am in no position to prevent her. Last night after having returned to Taiwan, with regards to the seperation; Da S expressed that all along she had never insisted and that she have sufficient courage to face the future.Hsu confirmed the split via her assistant during an activity in Hong Kong on Monday. Barbie Hsu, 31, and Vic Zhou, 26, gained wide popularity through the 2001 hit television drama "Meteor Garden." They collaborated in another series, "Mars," in 2004, and officially began dating in July 2005.Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu's two and a half years of (sister, brother) love relationship have ended.Rumours spread that the reasons for the breaking up were publicity for the film and that of the female being stronger than the male and even 'forced marriage'?

Last year on December 9, when Zai Zai was in Shanghai to attend the prize presentation ceremony, he media asked when the marraige will take place?

Those who worked with Zai Zai revealed: Recently Zai Zai have been working really hard, and was always discussing work matters with the staff.

He's very different from last time where he used to be very shy and did not have any views on matters.

She first denied that the 'forced marriage' was the cause of the seperation.

'Da S and Zai Zai are concentrating on their careers that's why they decided to seperate.' She added that: 'Whether to get married is not a problem, the most important thing is that the both of them are too busy, they feel that they want to make their careers as the first priority.

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