Battlehorn castle quest not updating

when your breath is about to run out, use the potion.At the bottom you will find a second container which has another water Breathing Potion inside.there are still some that say to update however and some that say to bash but im not sure what to do about those... Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Francesco's Optional New Items Cobl Mart's Monster FCOM_Dremora Toaster Says Share v3Horse Combat DLCShivering Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Francesco's Optional Chance of More Francesco's Optional Leveled FCOM_FCOM_Francescos Items Add FCOM_Francescos Named Bosses.espaaa Bors Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm.DLCHorse DLCVile DLCMehrunes DLCSpell Griffon Fortress 0.3Growlfs Hot Male Body Replacer V3Stock Clothing Armor-for Ancient Curse Of DLCThieves Cobl Cobl OOO 1.32FCOM_War Oscuro's_Oblivion_FCOM_FCOM_Real FCOM_Durability And FCOM_Spawn Rates Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness FCOM_Safer Mart's Monster Mod - Extra Mart's Monster Mod - Zombies for Body Mart's Monster Mod - Mart's Monster Mod - Bats Mart's Monster Mod - Curse of Mart's Monster Mod - Gems & Gem Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & FCOM_Diverse Guard FCOM_Friendlier VHBloodlines 1.2Dremora Glenvar DLCBattlehorn Mart's Monster Mod - City Bag of Quest Award Quest Award Leveller - Battlehorn Quest Award Leveller - Vile Quest Award Leveller - Mehrunes Quest Award Leveller - Knights of the Alternative Start by Robert Evrae.espcidnothump No psychic guards v1.2Toaster Says Share Faction Kendo Girl_Francesco's day lenght rescale 1-24Cute Elf11.esp_Ren_Beauty Pack_Beautiful Beautiful People V22 - Male Replacer V3Bashed Patch, 0Deadly Reflex 5 - Timed Block with no damage or durability TSS Custom Companion Growlfs Animated Persian Unofficial Patches & Refurbish - OOO-Water Deadly Reflex 5 - Combat You don't have an OOO .ESM, which likely means you downloaded the incorrect (old) version of OOO. I'm also not sure how you have a Bashed Patch if you "didn't use wryebash," and a functioning Bashed Patch is required to use FCOM, so...From now on you can get any horse you legally own armoured for 500 coins.But I highly recommend not armouring Shadowmere – she will lose her essential status and instead of returning to Fort Farragut she will stand around indefinitely. All the armour does is increase a horses health, but Shadowmere’s is already maxed. Be careful when deactivating this plug-in, as any horse you have armoured will be removed from the game, with no way to get them back (other than console commands).

You will probably stumble across this quest while doing the Bravil Mages Guild Recommendation.They offer an equal amount of protection, so it really only depends on looks.If you don’t have a horse or don’t want it armoured, you can get an “old nag” for free, armoured in steel.go west past the crystals being careful of the falling debris.You will find yourself on another platform once you are through there.To the south of Henantier is a door called Test of Perception.upon activating it you'll be warped into another realm.still the game crashes before BETHESDA logo even loads.BOSS tells me the order im about to list and ive deleted what it says to.Beside you is a container with a torch you will need to grab.It is recommended that you set it to a Hotkey and unequip it when you have no need for light.

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