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A lot of myths and misconceptions surround it though. We call this our "Bisexuality FAQ", but you may notice there's not many questions on it.

In truth the most commonly asked questions are "Are you sure? " - but the answers to those are quite short - yes and you tell me.

Some of us are attracted to people regardless of gender.

Bisexual people can be found in all walks of society, and everywhere in the world.

So why not have that as our "please adopt this definition" definition?

Well, if there's more than two genders and some people are no gender, or multiple then it's entirely possible to be attracted to more than one gender that isn't like your own, and not fancy your own at all.

Some bisexuals prefer androgynous partners, some don't.

And why don't the critics of the word also have a go at people using "heterosexual" or "homosexual" on the grounds of the words being In fact many people say there's more than two genders, but if two options are either "similar to me" or "different to me" then we think it's clear that "both" can refer to those two options rather than two perceived sexes.In other words: bisexuality isn't an attempt to pigeonhole gender, it's the freedom to feel attraction without blinkers!But we agree that 'both' is an oddly limiting word for the category of "everyone else" - this is why we say "more than one gender" at the Bisexual Index.Think about it this way - rather than black and white, sexuality is red and blue.Purple is not the new red-blue, purple is the new purple.The gay and lesbian scene is full of bisexuals, many of whom know it'd be socially awkward to come out about their true sexuality in a biphobic atmosphere.We're together in our attraction to people of the same (or similar, see above!Some of us are only attracted to 5% of one gender, and 60% of the other - you don't need to be 50/50 or have those add up to 100.And some bisexuals believe that thinking in terms of two genders is restrictive.The Kinsey Scale rates people's experiences from heterosexual to homosexual and has in the middle "equally heterosexual and homosexual", and sadly a lot of people have heard that bisexuality is the middle of the scale, when in fact the scale doesn't mention 'bi' at all.We prefer to think of bisexuality as being like the English Channel, you get wet as soon as you start swimming from Dover and can't dry off until Calais, no matter how deep it is beneath you!

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