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, Apsu, Babel, Babylon, Blessing, Cain, Chaos, Cosmology, Covenant, Creation, Divine Council, Eden, Enuma Elish, Eve, Fall, Flood, Genealogy, Gilgamesh Epic, Ham, Image of God, Inclusion, Japheth, LORD God, Marduk, Myth, Noah, Original sin, Primeval Story, Sabbath, Shem, Tiamat, Blake’s painting powerfully depicts the creation of the first man; see the companion website for the complete picture.

The book of Genesis provides two depictions of the creation of humans, one describing the creation of humanity as a whole and the other describing the creation of the first male person.

In this text, Chapter 1 covers Genesis 1–11 and is called the Primeval Story; Chapter 2 covers Genesis 12–50 and is called the Ancestral Story (Table 1).

God created a world of light, sky, sea, land, and living things in six days and rested on the seventh day (Genesis Chapter 1).

That is, God created an inhabitable world out of the waters of chaos and then removed that world with the return of the waters.

Before we dive into the waters of Genesis 1, it is worth noticing that the Hebrew Bible makes reference to divine in a variety of places, not just at the beginning of Genesis.

One of issues to probe is why the Bible includes stories of creation at all.

The Hebrew Bible references creation in a variety of Psalms, including number 33 that counsels everyone to fear Yhwh because he created the world.

Creation is a theme of wisdom literature; for example, Proverbs –31 claims that wisdom was present with deity at creation and was the craftsman that brought all things into being.

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