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Butches saw changing roles as a betrayal and Femmes recognized that changing roles meant that their pleasure was no longer the focus.

The previous descriptions applied more directly to white lesbians than to lesbians of color.

Those interviewed stated that they were happy with the role division.

They liked being the center of attention and having less work expected of them.

Now it is time to stop judging and to begin asking questions, to begin listening.

-Joan Nestle[1] Following World War II, there was a return to strict gender roles.

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Those most comfortable with the Butch/Femme image became core members of the community. “In the 1950s bar culture there were many indications of different approaches to resistance, but the times did not allow them to coalesce into politics."[4] During the sexual revolution of the 1920s, Society became more about sex, but with a primarily heterosexual focus.

This role, essential in the 1950s, was a personal behavior code and an organizing principle for community life, with a strong pressure to fit into these two roles.

“If they required individuals to compromise their identity they offered the reward of participation in a community which effectively resisted the oppression of gays and lesbians."[2] Butch Appearance Changes in the butch’s appearance came in the 1950s, when they adopted a working-class, masculine look. “The t-shirt symbolized the daring of lesbians wearing male clothing.

There were competitions as to who was more butch and this became synonymous with a butch’s ability to defend herself and her Femme. Lesbians acted as “pioneers” in the fight for women’s sexual independence.

Sexuality in the 1950s became more experimental, involving frank conversations about sexual practices and more outreach to new members of the lesbian community.

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