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A product that doesn’t live up to its claims or that simply underperforms should be the first to go.Bad products can leave you hair sticky, come undone just a few hours into the day, or flake all over your shoulders, which will ultimately bring down your whole look.And if you’re dating, well, chances are at some point you’ll be taking off some clothes.If you don’t have body hair concerns, then you’re fine, but if it makes you uncomfortable, then you should consider body hair maintenance.

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However, just as people notice your bow tie, blazer or oxfords, they also notice your hair, skin, and appearance.

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In fact, one of the leading causes of most shaving ailments like razor burn and sensitive skin is actually due to inferior products.

If your skin is reacting in an area in which you frequently use products, back off using your products entirely, and add them back into your routine to see which one is causing the reaction.

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