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Meanwhile, Stan plans to steal a kiddie robot for the Mystery Shack.Guest stars: Jillian Bell as Melody, Jessica Di Cicco as Giffany, Paul Scheer as Gary, Brian Bloom as Rumble Mc Skirmish Blendin Blandin returns to face off with Dipper and Mabel in a futuristic, potentially deadly battle.However, most of the new episodes would premiere on Disney XD before Disney Channel.It was announced that the second season will consist of 20 to 22 episodes.Meanwhile, when Dipper meets two government agents, he tries to tell them about the mysteries of Gravity Falls by showing them his journal.However, when the agents don't believe anything written in the journal, Dipper ends up conjuring up zombies to prove to them he's not crazy.was unmissable telly, it has to be when Cilla rumbled an undercover reporter masquerading as a contestant.Back in the days before the internet and social media, journalist Nicola Gill was able to get as far as going on a date before Cilla realised what was going on. Watch the clip above to see the iconic TV moment in full.

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On the same day it was announced that Season 2 would air on both Disney XD and Disney Channel.

"It's just a shame you tried to pull the wool over our eyes...

The second season continues right where the first season left off.

Eventually, he looks to a dating simulator to help him talk to girls.

However, Giffany, the girl in the game, becomes obsessed with Soos and reveals herself as a sentient, malicious and extremely jealous AI when Soos meets Melody, a girl who works at a meat stand, and asks her for a date.

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