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He would open the gown again and this time he would fuck her, of that she was certain. “This will explain all about the room,” he told her. “Sorry, I can’t let this out of my sight,” he told her, “I don’t want copies in circulation.” “I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Judy told him.In the end Judy decided on a red top and a red skirt of conservative length but loose fitting. Sandy liked to lift it up to her waist and see what colour panties she was wearing. Sometimes she wouldn’t bother putting any on which always stirred him into action. Giving him the same opportunity that she gave him the day before might have consequences that she could not handle. Al smiled, “I daresay you wouldn’t but I promised the lady involved that I would not make any copies and there is only one way to make certain there will be no other copies.” Judy became even more intrigued.She had got Sandy to replace the batteries in the bell so she would hear him and now she wondered what to wear.

And how would she have reacted as his fingers parted her cunt lips in search of her opening? Not just ready but eager; not just eager but desperate. She had done nothing but think about it these past few days.

She wondered as well what she would have done had he made any further advances towards her.

Yes, she had told him that she didn’t want to take things further but they had only been words.

She had just finished brushing her hair when she heard the door bell ring. As she led him into the lounge he handed it to her to play. A few minutes later they were sat side by side on the settee as the DVD player sprang into life.

“I don’t have to tell you that it is of an adult nature do I? The scene opened with a red haired woman sat on a settee in the very lounge that they were in. Today is 27th March 2010 and this is day one.” Judy was intrigued.

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