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They sent the servants over first to get the cottage ready." One Sheriff William Weld was sheriff of London, England in 1352.

Although it is difficult to prove genealogical relationships that far back, evidence suggests that Sheriff Weld was related to the Welds who eventually came to North America.

William Weld, former Governor of Massachusetts, is the most prominent living member of this family.

When Massachusetts Senate president Billy Bulger publicly teased William Weld about his ancestors' having come over on the Mayflower, Weld joked: "Actually, they weren't on the Mayflower.

His published Travels, Travels Through the States of North America and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada During the Years 1795, 17, quickly went into three editions and was translated into French, German, and Dutch.Two of the Welds who fought in the Revolutionary War are buried here, marked by a later monument of Roxbury puddingstone.Although some of the Weld land became the arboretum, the land which the Welds retained was more than enough to assure their prosperity in the 19th century.While the Weld's Brookline and Dedham properties were developed in the 17th and 18th centuries as agricultural lands, in the 19th and 20th centuries these became Weld-owned estates of great luxury.This first Weld Hall in Jamaica Plain was home to many generations of Welds, the last of which was Colonel Eleazer Weld, one of seven Weld family members who fought in the American Revolutionary War.He built his home, Weld Hall, on what came to be called Weld Hill in Forest Hills (still marked by the presence of Weld Hill Street across the street from Forest Hills MBTA station).The descendants of John Weld created Weld Farm near the Brookline border around what is now Hancock Village but was formerly Weld Golf Course.Edmund Weld (1631–1668; son of Thomas), the first Weld to graduate from Harvard (class of 1650) left Massachusetts Bay Colony as well. At least eighteen more Weld family members have graduated from Harvard since then, and two prominent buildings at Harvard University are named for the family.Captain John Weld, son of Captain Joseph Weld, inherited his estate and served as an officer in King Philip's War of 1675.Surprisingly, the first Weld to attend ended his Harvard career in disgrace.John Weld (born in 1625) and a classmate stole money and gunpowder from two houses and were caught.

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