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It's not often on these shows that we see a contestant break up with the Head Bachelorette in Charge, and even when there are cases like Juan Pablo and Andi, it's usually not the Bachelor(ette)'s number one pick.

But up until that point, Desiree was just sort of biding her time with Chris and Drew, expecting to see Brooks on one knee at the end of this thing, and to be able to be not too embarrassed for dating 25 dudes on TV.

I was pulling for a Vizzy revival this summer, but Izzy is way past that at this point.

Unfortunately for the viewers (but fortunately for Izzy), she's in a relationship with Matt Trembicki.

But if you get out of The Bachelorette without at least a little (a lot) of embarrassment, then you've done something wrong, and you definitely haven't fallen in love.

And on the the latter point — perhaps unpopular opinion alert — Brooks did Des a bit of a favor.

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" Sharing a dog makes a relationship pretty legit in my opinion., Chris Bukowski is no longer striving to get a rose on reality TV — or at least that's what I gather from looking at his social media posts.

Season 4 cast hasn't officially been announced yet, but there are some alums who will almost certainly not be returning.

A few of them got married and others are just coupled up and done with the dating scene. It's a bummer for the viewers, but we will deal with it.

Which is definitely what happened when Brooks tried to break up with Des shortly after she visited his family in Utah.

There's not much more explaining you can do when the reason for breaking up with your shared girlfriend, "I like your bangs and I think you're cool, but I guess I'm just not as into you as you are into me.

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