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-PEACE OUT 2001- Anne Helm "Fear causes hesitation and hesita- tion causes your worst fears to come true" Soccer (yeah seniors KAKVV) STATE CHAMPS '99! AH KS TH JM CM- Thanks for yrs of Frndshp A-2ndhome, K-my favorite team- mate, ]-many laughs C- Issy wanna be Thanks MDK S Sean Herlehy "As soon as you feel too old to do something, do it." Neverhold back. Much respect given to all the heads I've chilled with. Li LDue » CG Evryl Else Who Made Me Laugh Thnx Its Been Fun Lt Nhts Drzd VM SISMDJM 1 ¥U Adam My other l/21d Do The Stars W/U Any Time |y U#20 Alex Hitch In this great future you cant forget your past-BM Thank you Ma Dad Marcia Rach-We had us some times Chuck Matty J Ant Stumps Jeffro Infamous-YK always have a place Juanathan MH Rod-There is no other RD Kat N Tuck LED ZEPPE- LIN shadiness is the answer Angela Ho ship is the hardest thing in rid to explain.. But if you learned the meaning of hip, you really haven't anything."-MA Alyson B. -Peace- Arryan Marie Higgins Sure Dont Knw What Im Goin For But Im Goin For It For Sure 2My Grls Cldnt Hve Done It WOU Guys ILVLS Never Change Vedder OO SICK RR Hi5 We can Resist Evrythng But Tmptatn NH! WE LIVE ONLY ONE DAY IN OUR LIVES, WE'RE BORN ON THIS DAY AND WE DIE ON THIS DAY -RON INGALLS AND YES TESS, I'm SMILING Andreiv Holbein "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Bob Dylan Thanks to all the friends that have made this time memo- rable. The Girls' Soccor Team came out first in the Bay State Conference and in the North as well. Cowgirls D D Meyer and Ashleigh Cameron are all decked out and read; for the school dance. j C)(p(-ning The Class of 200 1 knows how to Party! But most of all, we celebrate those things that are unique to Newton North!

The Girls' Cross Country Team were also first in the league. Last year, the Science Team was the New England Regional Champions of the Science Bowl and they were the state champions of the Science Olympiad, the Knowl- edge Master Open and the Junior Engineering Technical Society. The Miracle Worker, was given the Moss Hart Award for the best New England high school production dealing with a person facing a life challenge. It is a shame that he is leaving, but I wish him luck." -Lucy Meyer "He was an excellent housemaster and a great physics teacher. Claire Mc Loughlin, Kydani Dover, Silvia Coffidis, Sarah Lewis, and Robin Westlund are ecstatic that it will New housemaster Mr. We are thrilled when we find a close parking spot on Hull Street and we are excited about our new access to "The Strip". Liz Magruder, Johanna Raittila, Christine Carter, Sara Cullinane, Vickie Metzger, Sarah Lewis, Silvia Coffidis, Tamar Avishai, and Sari David make cards for Mr. We look forward to A and B block frees to sleep in and lunch block frees to eat at the Tiger's Loft. Karp's language lab rules and Mosca's random commentary on Main Street. The phrase "all work, no play" does n Oi apply to Mr. Charlotte Wasserstein play virtual vol- the pool, Talya Bock and Silivia Coffidis leyball on Main Street. A tf- enu "In the still of the night I held you, held you tight" One last dance for Rocco and Celeste. 1 The Road to College Meet with PSAT tutor I V Oh no! "You should have seen the show he just put on for me! During their tree, liana Jacobs, Aly Hoarty, and Liz De Pasquale plan on how to coordinate their outfits again for the next day. Shoutouts 2 Beacons Burtons & 71 1 Greg Barry It has been an interesting four years, but it is time to move on. Michael Battillo Aly I love you with all mv heart and the last three years have been amazing ZFABT BTFBTBDD BTFADAP JBPUNA YH CKTJC MAMAMML MFNBS GGDOTD DTPS WP DZMV ZT AFBT JVL BOOP TTEOAN Mom and Dad thanks for being such great par- ents. I'm gonna sit at home and oggle the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalogue- Sears Catalogue DING! No one knows how far it goes for the road is never ending." - Piglet Thanks to all my friends, teachers and family who have helped make the last 4yrs wonder- ful Kevin Bohiin Jeffrey Boudreau Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike-n Chris Good times w / the guys TT AQ DK JD MV NR PM DB JT Cliff BHL D&A Leo J Echo Allman Matthews Concerts! "The future belongs to those who be- lieve in the beauty of their d reams. Good luck 2 The Class of 2001 inio-1 rinj vol ive lo I im iiiii ijfisa Angela Camilli sonsf [mom,dad&sisnm¥ya Barry Luv u guyz BHOLots of luv ny Buds JC, RF, JJ, MC, EG, & JPCameo- JCFord -Italian -Vild Thing-Karaoke-PO-D& ible Kick-withwtaa! NOLS99 MV Crest MA-Thanx for all those spe- cial times. Remeber all I Bens See you all in 20 yrs Xixi Chen Ned Childs James Chin Jolinni) Chin "Everything changes. NNHS has been a place of happi- Xv when u realize the vl Nothing like getting up @ 7am for ness. Han "To believe your own thought, to believe what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men- that is genius. Soccer girls Ariel Samuelson and Anne Helm show off their pearly whites. Soccer boys Charlie Grandberg, Jeff Arbeit, Jeff Where's the ball? Inside and outside Avicz, Alex Hitch, and Ben Brill celebrate a successful season. Liu has vis- ited Taiwan and Doeringer has been to Hong Kong, Ireland, and Germany. Russian dancers and members of the International Club psyched about their successful performance and day. Different Faces from Different Places Sayed Fahim is from Bangladash. Whether it be Orange Shield or outside organi- zations, students are eager to help others. Ush Abrahms and Ben Moss learned what it takes to be an EMT Monday nights at Red Cross meetings. Halle Benjamin, Rachel Sacks, and Liz Magruder teach special needs to children how to Rachel Siegel and Lindsey Palmer take a break from timing the athletes at a special Olympics track practice to hang out. - Shira Auerbach To survive the rest of Senior year with- out going insane. Noah Chafets takes a rest so he doesn't miss seeing the ball drop at 12! EUza Rosenbaum and Meredith Haas help each other stand up during a tiring New Year's Eve. " Say Ava Rollins, Anya Sherman, and Meredith Haas as they take a break between classes. Sarah Gankina, Jamay Liu, Stephanie Golden, an Anya loffe read the Newtonite^ An Aly sandwich! We know where we're going; we know where we're from we're leaving Babylon, we're going to our fatherland." Must thank mv family 1 appreciate U so much. Good, cause 1 got a hot date tonight-odd date-dinner with friends-dinner alone watch- ing TV alone- ALRIGHT! Talya Bock "The sun is high, the road is wide and it starts where we are stand- ing. ly U Come On Over, The Pringle, same person, SW, Rosa Mom Dad Rach- I love you! Luv 2 All My Girls -Couldn't Survive with- out The Flares The Coyotes Remain Legandary Luv To My Girls On The Blue Mat! Can't 4get My Family- ILuv You Couldn't Ask 4 Anything More! Hey know what, "The sun is shin- ning, the weather is sweet, it makes me want to move my dancing feet"- Bob Matt Casey David Cashtnan Good luck to all my boyz. Allmans Cape Summer at CD's Vail Gnetties NN soccer. Driven crazy mak'n scenes sum- mers in NH Gahd, Super sweet pickle bus. There were a myriad of performances, ranging from Kung-Fu to cross cultural break-dancing. Vice President Al Gore was the democratic candidate, running against George Bush, the republican nominee. Ashleigh Cameron, Robin Westlund, DD Myer, and Melissa 5 are on fire. Rollins, Alicia Fanueil, and Shira Auerbach sport their Hawaiian apparel, one theme of spirit week, •y Alice Capello comforts Phil Mastroianni who ;ot to get dressed this morning. Johanna Wolfe, Julia Katz, Katy Sullivan, Sarah Anastasia, and Rachel Ritchie lounge on Main St. Rachel Ritchie, Arry Higgins, iors for breakfast." and Vanessa Cedrone get ready to de- stroy their opponents. Lan Chen 2 all of my friends- Thank U4bei there 4 me. And when you change the landscape is it with bare hands or with gloves? To EPCRKBCDLMFHASG BKSMLRDCGLOEMEGSG ¥U MISSU Daniel Gross "I find sometimes it's easy to be myself, but sometimes I find it's better to be somebodv else"-DMB It has been long and hard but now it is done. Reid Sheldon, ly S-^blessed me when he created Declan Healy Mom Dad all the Fam. tlie International Club sponsored the first International Day at Newton North. This year's presidential election was definitely one for the history books. EHza Rosenbaum, Becka Woolf, Audrey Mc Fadden, Ava London, I see France, I see Phil's underpants! 's body (and hair) Special ti ents S9 The Real Millennium New Year's Resolutions To spend less time in room 418. - Katharine Needham To skip more classes than 1 at- tend. y Marissa Berenson "May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung." - Bob Dylan. -ONE- Janelle Broivn THANK YOU JESUS FOR THAT YOU HAVE DONE WILL DO FOR ME TO M"y THANK YOU FOR ALL OF 1 LOVE & SUPPORT 2 MY & MY MENZ KEEP YA HEy#C j DOV & SHELD I'LL MISS I KEEP STEP'N APD TICJ TOE-ABC-123 ALAS WEEZj GOOD GOLLY GEE I! Alexandra But mi Don't Crv Because its over Smile Because it happened AH EJV KM BK BC MAC RR SZ LT JS Iv U Always 4ever New Yrs 00 EJV House'OO AH its just NOT funny BC Where my girls at MAC DDay JS Pink Ice Cream Summer Con- certs Boys its been fun Good Luck Mom Sorana Thanx Thea Cabral Gaily is my destination! For those of you who didn't know me, remember me as 6'4", brilliant and devastatingly handsome! Owen Chan ML-Thanx 4 thmble, 454- J D4eva,24crew VC, JDCZ, N DC, TM, dd, MC, Dacorna EW, NP, BS- you can write, 513-Remember who found u are an 1 ull always be one to me, Put Put Whoospoosh and MH"Look to the future glance back to remember the past but never stop"Incarnate ??? 1 my old / new friends 1 Love u anx mom, dad, Maria 4 helpin ut. Keep It E* Muah Alicia Gerstein Yesterday, yesterday I asked my eyes when will we see each other again? Girls-Let's do somthng hxn tnight Thanks 4 the bst4yrs of my life. Revelation ,iitji ma, uncle Patrick, Erika Tonv, e Ui Janelle,and Mr. Katehju Harper 2 all my hurtas: JS BL EG KD KA LJ AH CC JR. To my Dancin Queens- Be bold in what u stand 4 careful what u fall 4- ILALS NY 980 Belhi U *MV* FHStikluv* GMLRAB-ILYG MDNJ-UR the best KMRK-sum things nevrchng ET-l/2wy RC-lof a kind Davey-I loved it ail PCBYZ Christine Carter Its Finally Over! ; E[FVAH1 p ELL Joe Leo Caruso w/MC KL Babv J RFJJ 5spd N MUSTANG GT CON p NA Late Night S& S PO #10 3rd Eg Cant Forget EM in THANKS FOR EVERY- p AC U] ERIC SECOND FAMILY JCFORD bva TAXI RED Lettuce '! adidas thanks Dad Gail & baby Dom Semper fidelis Dmitri Cantor "Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right"- GD- Jew Crew- Finkle Scooty Pete G-Hits Zak- Ripn Tubes BDruns Silv Bul Is Nightski- All the ladies- Norm Pauly syd Thanx mom Dad Eva Max- 1 Love You Courtney Mary Alicc Capello 1 shall miss these days when it all rolls by. Big D URAWinner Km SVM BL KA- [email protected] KH LJ AA JG PO HJ SG HF/BB and* 2 Everyone else I missed! »c& Thanks 2 my family-Mom Dad JR Thleen Suz and LUCKYGood Luck 2 all I »! MUCH LOVE TO THE CLASS OF 2001 ftilia Tirah Haywood I thank GOD 4 bringing me this far! Keep in touch- KDARATKD JTWRTJMDAJ-Ml AMOR-Tueresmivida! Hoarty "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to contiue that counts." Wldn, Nkd fall, Hlwn, NH, NNFH, boop.

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