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I get a girl who can open my door, lift me over the threshold, open jars, kill spiders, and look great with a flannel shirt and bulge in her jeans without the assumption that what our genitals look like determines how we divide up household tasks, who’s smarter, who should make more money, or who does what to who in the sack. She thinks gender stereotypes are for losers I have a lover who is multi-talented.She’s strong, she’s tough, she builds and fixes cars and computers, and loves sports, but she also cleans, bakes, sews, and appreciates things like interior decorating and sweet gestures.Many lesbian online dating sites restrict straight men from becoming members.Usually, if there is a problem with one of the members, you will be able to file a complaint and the issue will be resolved by blocking the person from the site.Butches create and shape their own masculinity, and have an easier time building something more flexible and innovative than the tired stereotypes that get passed down from generation to generation of men and fit tighter than any corset.

Just like in the offline world, you will have to take a chance. You can join sites that give you the option to choose if you are butch looking for a femme lesbian or vice versa. Whenever you meet a person you've found online, you should do so in a public place, and you should never give out personal information. These sites are usually ones that help you find a match rather than offering a simple forum for lesbians to meet others on their own.Some may argue that the meaning of V-day is actually love–love and sex. So in honor of this wine-sex-chocolate-love holiday, and partially in response to my last post, I wanted to post ten things I love about dating a butch. Of course, I’m chivalrous in my own way, in my turn; but some nights it’s fun to be treated like a queen, and we enjoy the roles without taking them at face value.I never feel that I owe her anything afterward, like she expects sex or affection or reciprocation for something.Over something made of several artfully decorated layers of chocolate, she took my hand and asked me if I’d be her girl.I was saying “yes” almost before she finished the sentence.She makes it clear that she enjoys pampering me for its own sake, and I savor those moments, since I often don’t pamper myself in the same way.My girlfriend and I’s relationship may not have started out in the most ethical manner–I read somewhere that the average amount of time between lesbian relationships is -2 minutes, and I believe it–but she communicated effortlessly, allowing me to trust her in a situation I probably wouldn’t enter into with anyone else.She understands what it feels like to be in danger, to be seen as less than, to experience harassment and misogyny as a woman because she’s been there herself.When her masculinity exempts her, or when it opens her to new dangers, she knows that how we present has an effect on how we’re treated, and that there’s nothing innate or fixed about it.Take some time to browse through the sites before you start registering, and most importantly, paying any membership fees.Here are some dating sites to start with: This is a matchmaking site, which charges a fee to become a member.

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