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Identifying Who Administers or Assists with Medication Residents and family members frequently assume that nurses administer medication in assisted living facilities.

Although this is generally true in hospitals and nursing homes, it generally is not true in assisted living.

State assisted living law increasingly allows medication aides (they are called various things, depending on the state) to administer medication in assisted living facilities Delegated Authority.

In this model, an aide in an assisted living facility is presumed to have received specific training and supervision from a nurse in order to administer medication.

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State assisted living laws assume that most assisted living facilities cannot afford to hire full-time nurses.Looking Out for Yourself or Your Loved One The following situations are common in assisted living.Ask the suggested questions to better determine whether the facility’s medication administration is adequate.For example, “assistance with self-administration” has been defined to include opening a medication container, pouring medication, guiding a resident’s hand (with medication) to her mouth, or even placing medication on the resident’s tongue.Documenting Medication Administration Generally, an assisted living facility must have a procedure for documenting medication administration, including a procedure to follow should an error occur.This right applies only if the resident is mentally and physically capable of self-administration.Such a resident generally will be permitted to keep medications in her own room, unless safety is a factor – for example, if the resident has a roommate who could misplace or mistakenly swallow the medication.Here are some terms used in reference to the non-nurses who administer medication or “assist” residents with self-administration: Medication Aides.These are facility employees who receive extra training to qualify them to administer medication.High Definition: All adult chat webcam sex websites provide High Definition live sex camera shows. They could also pay for the costs of webcams used at this webcam sex website.The Cost of Every Live Cam Sex Session Is Very Affordable.

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