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The skeletons were a little more than three feet tall, with abnormally large skulls.Inside of the tombs a collection of stone disks were recovered.Many of these objects have been labeled out of place artifacts or anachronisms.These archeological discoveries are always controversial and the scientific community is extremely selective in what they accept as fact.

Hundreds of artifacts have been unearthed that have baffled scientists and challenged modern man’s view of history.These artifacts tell a story of ancient civilizations, Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contracts, and mysterious technological advancements.Many of these archaeological discoveries challenge the scientific theory of evolution, as well as many religious beliefs.Every object on this list has been accused of being an elaborate hoax.In many cases, a conspiracy is the only explanation, without an extensive rewriting of the world’s history books.In 1938, an archeological expedition was sent to investigate a secluded area of the Baian-Kara-Ula Mountains on the border that divides China and Tibet.The group discovered a series of caves at the summit of the mountains.According to accounts, Julsrud stumbled upon the artifacts while riding his horse in the Acámbaro area.He hired a local farmer to dig up the remaining figures, paying him for each object he found.To date, no credible scholars of archaeology or paleontology accept the discovery as valid.Discovered: 1938 The story of the Dropa Stones is as follows.

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