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With a max level of 150 and with multiple stages of an insanely powerful super attack, it’s almost like Dokkan Battle is saying “Sure, one of the best characters is free, but good luck getting him!

Once the third round rolls around, and you have to battle Frieza (1st Form), LR Frieza will start to attack 2 and 3 times per turn.

Without a whole lot of effort or trial, this team has done an incredible job of defeating LR Frieza with ease, and without the use of many items (mostly healing and Ooling TEQ is used).

As we briefly touched on above, I do have a specific team that I recommend: Whis (Leader), Super Saiyan Vegeta (Angel), Vegeta (Kid), AGL Paikuhan, Baby Vegeta, Super Strike Vegeta, and LR Goku (Friend). With LR Goku as both your friend and your leader, your team easily has a base Ki of ATK.

After that, use Senzu Beans and Dende to bring your health back.

Green orbs are pretty easy to stack for when LR Goku’s turn comes up.

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