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Frequently, the authors obliquely quote evidence as relevant to girls when it is only derived from data pertinent to adolescents or adults.

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If the idealized female sexual partner is a 15- or 16-yearold girl, male consumers may demand pornography featuring such girls and the opportunity to pay for sex with them. Particular examples mentioned in the Introduction (page 2) are infants or elementary school age girls being subjected by toy manufacturers to dolls featuring miniskirts and thigh-high boots, clothing stores selling thongs marked eye candy or wink wink, and beauty pageants in which they wear makeup, false eyelashes, and hair extensions and are encouraged to act flirtatiously onstage. (2004) Betwixt and between: Age ambiguity and the sexualization of the female consuming subject. Other examples mentioned concern girls wearing T-shirts that say flirt, or instructions given by magazines for preadolescent girls on ways to look sexy. The report thus confirms accepted psychological nomenclature: Infants are those of about two to five and children are those of about six to twelve years; the appropriate age range for girls. Telling a girls life: Self-authorization as a form of resistance. It is generally accepted in literature that young persons above this age are referred to as adolescents, and, after seventeen or eighteen, are considered as adults. Viewing the viewers: 10 video case studies of childrens television viewing behaviors. However, in the context of this report it is evident what it means by girls and that is that they are of the infant and childhood variety as outlined in the Introduction (page 2). (The perception that the report is about children, rather than about adolescents or adults, appears to have contributed to its appeal). One of the most frustrating aspects of this report is its tendency to confound age ranges in an effort to find support for the notion that girls are adversely affected by being sexualised. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 43, 506-528. (This does not appear to be the effect of possible confusion about age ranges in the literature quoted in the report). Following a recommendation by the American Psychological Associations Committee on Women in Psychology a Task Force was established in February 2005 to report on the sexualization of girls. This Task Force reported in 2007 and reached the conclusions, in brief, that the sexualization of girls leads to undermining persons emotional and self-image, eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression in girls and women and has negative consequences on girls ability to develop a healthy sexual self-image.

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