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We have already taken order number for this package from the custom. RM 2000.00 TOTAL = RM 2,560.00 A total of RM 2,560.00 RM (Two thousand five hundred and sixty Ringgit only) has been charge. Conclusion: As soon as we receive confirmation and evidence of payment of the charges, we will dispatch your parcel immediately within hours to the designated receivers address. Outstanding Charges: Administrative .......................... In acknowledgment to this email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package. Abdul Raafi GUARANTY EXPRESS COURIER & CARGO SERVICES Attn: Madam, To expedite every process, You are to locate the nearest Western Union Money Transfer agent within your location to make the payment through our Account's Officer as stated below: NAME OF ACCOUNT'S OFFICER / RECEIVER Name: PIUS MICHAEL Country: Kua La Lumpur , Malaysia . The date and time of departure and expected time of delivery will be sent to you.

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So they'll be asking for charges for you to pay in Malaysian Ringgit currency and pay it in Western Union.

In our particular cause they made it seem as if the girl was from Providence using this trick (see evidence below).

This deceives countless people into believing they are actually being contacted by a real girl located in their town.

Thereby, certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the immediate clearance of your package .

For the main time refer on the ' status' of your package during tracking , this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery . Amount sent If possible send a scanned copy of the transfer slip, containing the above details to this office, as well as your claims officer.

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