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As you play, each time you use that number as a part of your play, you must perform the task on your spouse.

For example, if you get 3 of a kind in sixes, then you would perform the task you assigned to ‘6’.

We’ve divvied up our favorite Diva-twists into 3 types of games that include 25 genius bedroom games: If you’ve already got checkers, use your own game board and some of your favorite chocolates, if not you can use our version!

Chocolate is always a romantic treat and if you play in the bedroom, well, who knows what might happen!

This classic is definitely one of our favorite foreplay ideas.

So what makes Trouble such a fun game in the first place? In this nude version, the popping is even more fun…

Each suit stands for an action and each number corresponds with a body part, just try to imagine the excitement that a deck of cards will bring to the bedroom games in your marriage!

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Have your i Pod or a CD playing your favorite dance music in the background.You could try wagers like, “If I win, you lose your shirt” or “If I win, you give me a massage.” The only catch is that you both have to agree to the other person’s wager before you can ‘wage’ war on each other!Simply add the phrase ‘in bed’ to the end of each combination for more hysterical laughs and to help you set the sexy mood!All you need is a deck of cards and our Deck of Desire instructions.It’s a simple and original foreplay idea to make your average deck of cards super spicy.Open up that closet filled cobwebs and dust off your favorite, classic games because we’re teaching you some NEW ways to play!That’s right, we’re giving you ideas to make your own sexy bedroom games out of the games you already have around your house.We love creating Diva versions of board games and we especially love bedroom games, but this time we wanted to give you some foreplay game ideas that use materials you’ve probably already got stored around your house.We’ve given these traditional board games, card games, and games of skill and strategy a whole new life with alternate rules—in the bedroom! We’ve made it super easy to find a fun game and put a new twist on it TONIGHT and the best part is that there are tons of levels (ranging from mild to super spicy) and ways to customize these ideas to fit your level of ‘comfort’ so feel free to adjust or skip games that are just a little too intimate for you!You can make a list of foreplay options for the “loser” to choose from if you plan to play more than one round.For some great foreplay ideas, use our Jenga Love Game.

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